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4th August 2018


5th August 2018


From the sounds of grand opera to the stages of Southern Gospel, Grammy winner Larry Ford has found audiences responding to his commanding voice. Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Larry’s work has taken him to 49 of the 50 states in the U.S. From the far reaches of Seoul, Korea to the southern hemisphere’s Spanish speaking countries, Larry’s facility with language has made it possible for him to carry his message in song to more than thirty eight foreign countries. His passion for ministry abroad has led to his being described as “gospel music’s ambassador to the world”.
Larry Ford has attracted a legion of admirers who appreciate his clear, powerful tenor voice and utter sincerity. In 2003, Ford was awarded a Grammy for Best Southern Gospel Recording. His entreĢe to the world stage was as a featured soloist on the Gaither Music Homecoming dvd series, which consistently ranks in the top of Billboard Magazines music charts. In a survey by the Gaither Music organization, Larry was one of the three most
requested soloists on the Gaither Homecoming videos (April, 2014).
Larry Ford presents over 75 concerts a year to audiences around the world. His schedule normally involves weekend church services or concerts, although he occasionally schedules two to three week tours for international concerts. The Grammy-winning former pastor has made albums not just of hymns and praise music, but of patriotic American songs and Irish folk tunes. He has sung the National Anthem for the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Lightning.
Larry has been a pilot – a pastor – and all of his life, a worshipper. Larry’s voice and ministry can be an encouragement to you, your family and your church family to reach up – and out.
We invite you to join us at Bethel Free Baptist Church, Birmingham, as Larry once again uplifts the Lord Jesus Christ in song and ministry. You will undoubtedly be blessed and encouraged for doing so.
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We at Bethel Free Baptist Church have a vision to demonstrate God's law and God's love to our community and beyond. True happiness and fulfilment can only be found in a life saved from sin and dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Our ministries are designed to reach every age and to teach the Bible as the answer to every need. If you are looking for a church home, we would be delighted for you to visit.

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